UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifying Scores: Disappointing Results and Missed Opportunities

UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifying Scores: Key Highlights and Results

The UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying scores have been a major focus for football fans around the globe as national teams compete fiercely for a spot in next summer’s tournament in Germany. The qualifying rounds have seen a mix of dominant performances by football powerhouses and surprising upsets by underdogs. Here is a comprehensive look at the notable scores and outcomes from the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying scores.

Group Highlights and Key Matches

Group A:Spain demonstrated their dominance in Group A with several commanding victories. One of the standout matches was Spain’s 7-1 thrashing of Georgia, which solidified their top position in the group. Scotland also performed admirably, securing their place in the tournament as runners-up​ (UEFA.com)​ .

Group B:France and the Netherlands were the prominent teams in Group B. France maintained a strong lead with critical victories such as a 2-0 win over the Republic of Ireland. The Netherlands also ensured their qualification with solid performances, including a 3-0 victory against Greece​ (UEFA.com)​.

Group C:England topped Group C with impressive results, including a 7-0 victory against North Macedonia and a crucial 2-1 win over Italy. Italy managed to secure the second spot despite some challenges, including a 1-1 draw with Ukraine​ (UEFA.com)​.

Group D:Turkey emerged as the leader of Group D, with notable matches such as a 1-1 draw against Armenia. Croatia followed closely behind, securing their qualification with a significant 5-0 win over Latvia​ (UEFA.com)​ .

Group E:Albania was a surprise package in Group E, topping the group with key results like a 2-0 win over Poland. The Czech Republic secured the second qualification spot with consistent performances throughout the campaign​ (UEFA.com)​ .

Group F:Belgium and Austria were dominant in Group F. Belgium’s 5-0 victory over Estonia and Austria’s close 3-2 win against Sweden were critical in their successful qualification bids​ (UEFA.com)​ .

Group G:Hungary and Serbia led Group G with strong performances. Hungary’s 2-1 win over Serbia and Serbia’s own 2-1 victory against Lithuania ensured their places in the tournament​ (UEFA.com)​.

Group H:Denmark and Slovenia emerged as the top teams in Group H. Denmark’s 4-0 win against San Marino was one of the highlights, while Slovenia’s consistent results, including a 3-0 win over Finland, secured their qualification​ (UEFA.com)​ .

Group I:Switzerland and Romania were the leading teams in Group I. Switzerland’s 3-3 draw with Belarus and Romania’s critical 1-0 win over Switzerland were pivotal in securing their spots for Euro 2024​ (UEFA.com)​ .

Group J:Portugal and Slovakia dominated Group J. Portugal’s emphatic 9-0 win over Luxembourg and Slovakia’s narrow 1-0 victory against Iceland were key matches that ensured their qualification​ ​.

Summary of Key Scores

  • Spain 7-1 Georgia: A commanding victory that underscored Spain’s strength in Group A.
  • France 2-0 Republic of Ireland: A crucial win for France to maintain their lead in Group B.
  • England 7-0 North Macedonia: A dominant performance that helped England top Group C.
  • Croatia 5-0 Latvia: An impressive win that secured Croatia’s qualification from Group D.
  • Albania 2-0 Poland: A significant victory for Albania, showcasing their strong run in Group E.
  • Belgium 5-0 Estonia: A powerful display from Belgium to secure their spot in Group F.
  • Hungary 2-1 Serbia: A decisive match that helped Hungary lead Group G.
  • Denmark 4-0 San Marino: A comprehensive win that kept Denmark at the top of Group H.
  • Romania 1-0 Switzerland: A critical result for Romania, ensuring their qualification from Group I.
  • Portugal 9-0 Luxembourg: A statement win from Portugal in Group J, underlining their dominance.

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Conclusion Of UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying scores

The UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying scores highlight the intense competition and high stakes as teams strive for a place in the prestigious tournament. From dominant displays by football giants to surprising successes by underdogs, the qualifiers have set the stage for an exciting Euro 2024. With the final lineup of teams now determined, fans can look forward to a summer of thrilling football action in Germany​


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